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Link roundup: Towns and trousers

I am really all about the experimental archaeology aspect of the SCA, so it’s occurred to me that I need to follow happenings in the world of scholarly archaeology in a more organized way than “whatever interesting thing someone posted on Facebook this week, and also occasionally flipping through Smithsonian Magazine on my lunch break.”

So I spent some time this morning finding and adding some news services and journals to my RSS feed, and I’m going to start a little ephemera regular feature. I’m not sure yet what the posting frequency will be – maybe every other week or monthly to start. Partly this is for my benefit, to keep track of articles I want to look more deeply into or refer back to, but I also hope it will become a useful resource for others over time. Mostly news, mostly Baltic and Spanish, with a smattering of newly released research, other people’s blog posts, and more general-interest stuff.

First pants worn by horse riders 3,000 years ago – neat article with one (one! *weeps*) really lovely photograph. And the source research is behind a paywall, of course. Early for our purposes but useful for garment evolution theory.

Nieszawa – a medieval town reconstructed by non-invasive survey – I got a little weepy. Just a beautiful article and a beautiful video (captions in Polish). Watch it, watch it. This technology will change everything.

The routes of slave trade in Eastern Europe in the medieval and pre-modern period – I know very little about the slave trade in period, but it’s something I’d like to look further into.

 E-Journal of Portuguese Studies – Ten years of back issues, at least one or two good SCA-period-relevant articles in each issue, all free and .pdf. I found it doing research for a class, printed out a mass of articles for future reading, and have gone back several times.


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