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Productivity vs. submergence

Ironic, that after writing a post about the value of documentation, I left the blog fallow for sixteen months. I am rethinking the purpose of this blog, and maybe moving toward a more speculative, process-based content (which up to now I’ve been putting on LiveJournal; many posts friendslocked, although I just went through and made a bunch of posts from the last year public), and less “finished project portfolio” style content. And that is all I have to say about that.

So. *deep breath* I’ve had a very busy and productive summer, and I’m trying to go into what I expect to be a busy and productive fall and winter without becoming overwhelmed or stressed out. What I find, during the summer, is that my game begins to interfere with my game – I love the SCA for the amateur experiential archeology, the research, the social geekery of it. But as I get deeper into the logistics of encampment-building and garb production and meal planning and generally managing the campaign that is the summer season, I start to bog down, feel disconnected from the art and trapped by the craft.

I’ve gotten an incredible amount of work done this summer, an incredible amount of productivity, but it feels… not entirely real. Not meaningful. A means to an end, not the thing itself. It’s time to re-center on the thing itself.

What I’ve committed to this winter:

Corazon III: A Journey to the New World. The feast is Spanish-Aztec fusion. The narrative underpinning is this: a shipful of old-world nobility has just landed at Veracruz, and is tasting new world food for the first time. There will be theatre and crazy hall decorations and I CAN’T WAIT.

Kingdom A&S: This is the year I am going to level up my game and enter both a cooking entry and a costuming entry. There, I said it. In public. To that end, I am going to work the costume entry in stages, and enter pieces in stages at several competitions between now and then.

Personal research: I want to spend a lot of time this winter on formalizing my personal research, doing some original writing, working on the Great Baltic Mapping Project, developing some costuming resources here on this site. (Watch this space.) I also want to spend some time on Central Asian research, for my own and my oldest kid’s Lipkowie Tatar kits.

Shire administration: There’s a ton of accumulated paperwork that needs to be put in order, a website to be redesigned, a library to be built. We’re going to be doing more social activities this winter, including a weekly movie night. After a summer of EVENTS EVENTS EVENTS, I’m very into the idea of not-at-events, not-in-garb, unstructured social and structured learning time right now. I just want to spend more time with my people.

I’m keeping commitments light right now because I don’t know what will happen at Crown Tourney next weekend, but I have several friends fighting, so I want to have some energy available for service to the new Crown. And I want to do more teaching this winter. And brewing. And work slowly, quietly, on some long-term, detail-oriented garb projects.


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