Corazon del Leon III: A Voyage to the New World


You have just arrived, with your fellow travelers, from the courts, cities, and armies of Europe to the shores of tropical Mexico in the year 1580. The court at Vera Cruz welcomes you, and the kitchens have been instructed to dazzle and delight you – both with strange American dishes and ingredients, and with European dishes both familiar and luxurious that one may be surprised to find in these distant colonies.

Arte de Cozina, Pasteleria, Vizcocheria y Conserveria of Francisco Martinez Motiño (1611).


Select Recipes

Special thanks:

First and foremost, to the Laurel Kitchen Invasion: Her Grace Berengaria de Chinon, my Peer; Mistress Madhavi of Jaisalmer, my best friend; Mistress Catrin von Berlin; Mistress Katherine Linnet Holford. These ladies were amazing and I absolutely could not have done it without them.

My two grown children, who set aside their own (not particularly SCA-active) lives to come work because Mom asked.

Head servers, Lady Merry O’Shannon and THL Aildhcinna mac Ailpean, and Hall Steward, Lady Cáelainn ingen Cháemgein hui Thaidc.

His Grace Garick von Kopke, who took charge of cleanup and rocked it.

Event stewards Meg and Lady Ildaria, who graciously allowed me to run with my ridiculously ambitious concept despite, probably, their better judgment.

Many, many people who worked through the day, served, and helped with cleanup.


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