Ethnolinguistic umbrella: Baltic. Merged with Zemaiciai and Augstasi to form Lithuanian State, 14th c.

Target time period: 10th c.

Undergarments: Birka


  • Wrap skirts, bright colors


  • Triangle (folded square?) fringed shawls

Belts, bands, and aprons:

  • Elaborate cardwoven bands.
  • Metal-embellished narrow aprons.


  • Bog shoes
  • Leg wraps.


  • Veils.

Head jewelry:

  • Spiral crowns
  • Metal-embellished cloth headbands

Neck jewelry:

  • Wrap-and-a-half torcs
  • Wrap-and-closure torcs
  • Spiral-and-cowrie necklaces
  • Pendanted torcs.

Torso jewelry:

  • Bisected waterfall chains
  • Penannular and cross-head brooches
  • Crossbow brooches, spiral rings, cross-head pins

Arm jewelry:

  • Beast-head bracelets
  • Spiral armbands
  • Channeled cuffs

Other accessories:

  • Embellished wire pins
  • Belt knives.

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