Type Examples: Jewelry

Where possible, for these objects, I am using 1.) extant objects 2.) museum reproductions of extant objects or 3.) archaeological drawings of extant object, in that order of preference.

Head jewelry

Spiral crown

Metal embelleshed cloth headband

Pendanted hat

Temple ring

Neck jewelry:

Wrap-and-a-half torc

Pendanted torc

Wrap-and-closure torc

Spiral-and-charm necklace

Cowrie necklace

Torso jewelry:



Glass bead and bronze pectoral.

Waterfall chain

Waterfall chain from http://mythandmetal.wordpress.com .

Bisected waterfall chain

Owlhead brooch

Tortiseshell brooch

Crossbow brooch

Penannular brooch

Beast-head penannular brooches, Curonian, 12-13c. http://www.xxiamzius.lt/numeriai/2008/12/03/kult_01.html

 Arm jewelry:

Spiral armband

Beast-head bracelet

Flat cuff

Channeled cuff

Bell end bracelet

Other jewelry and accessories:


Belt knife


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