Ethnolinguistic umbrella: Baltic. Conquered and Christianized in the north during 12th-13th c.; absorbed by Latgali and Aukštaiti by 1600.

Target time period: 8th c.

Undergarments: Kangasvuo A.


  • Wrap skirt, unknown colors


  • Metal-embelleshed shawls

Belts, bands, and aprons:

  • Unknown.


  • Bog shoes


  • Unknown.

Head jewelry:

  • Spiral crowns with or without veil
  • Metal-embelleshed headbands

Neck jewelry:

  • Wrap-and-a-half torcs
  • spiral-and-bell necklaces

Torso jewelry:

  • waterfall chains

Arm jewelry:

  • Bell-end bracelets
  • Beast-head bracelets

Other accessories:

  • triangle-head pins
  • belt knives.

Significant sources:

  • “Some notes on the chronology of Latgallian and Selonian artefacts in the Middle Iron Age” / Jânis Ciglis

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