Baltic Costume Reference Pages

These pages are the electronic equivalent of a booklet I keep in my jewelry box. On any given day, I wear an internally consistent outfit from a particular place and time within the Baltic world.

A note about undergarments: there’s very, very little archaeological data about Baltic undergarments available, but many theoretical reconstructions! There’s an excellent breakdown of the undergarment debate in two parts at Lady Asfridr’s Dreamwidth. For purposes of keeping a visually consistent look that makes areas of the Baltic world distinctive from each other, I’ve chosen, more or less (though not entirely) at random, to follow the convention:

  • Finnic tribes: Eura Dress.
  • Coastal (Norse-influenced) Baltic tribes and later-period kits: Birka or modified Birka tunic.
  • Upland Baltic tribes: Jenny Kangasvuo’s Reconstruction A.
  • Turkic and Central-Asian-origin groups: Kangasvuo B.

This is a work in progress, and authenticity is a moving target! Specific sources, where available, are named and linked. Asterisked entries are recently updated; italicized entries are forthcoming. Comments, suggestions, pointing out of errors, and sharing of sources is very welcome.

Type examples:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry *
  • Tools and domestic wares

Baltic tribes:

Early period (200 BC-300 AD):

  • West Lithuanian Stone Circle Grave culture
  • Lower Neman Grave Fields culture
  • Stroke Decorated Pottery culture
  • Collective Barrows culture
  • Central Lithuanian Grave Fields culture
  • East Lithuanian Barrows culture
  • Dolkeim-Kovrovo culture
  • Bogaczewo culture
  • Sudovian culture

Mid period (500-1300 AD):

Late period (1300-1600 AD):

  • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Kursi/Curonian
  • Livonian
  • Semigallian

Finnic tribes:

  • Krieviņi/Votes
  • Livonian
  • Curonised Livonian
  • Karelian
  • Izhorian
  • Veps
  • Savonian

Other Ethnicities:


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