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Stibbert Doublet: sewing started

Haven’t we all drooled over this doublet?

I came across it about four years ago and always wanted to make a reproduction of it, but lack of good materials, my own lack of skill, and other pressing projects have back-burnered the idea. About a year and a half ago I lucked into some exceptionally high-quality faux suede (really, you need a magnifying glass to see that it’s fabric, and cannot tell to the touch) in the $4/lb discount upholstery scrap bin at Denver Fabric, and bought every scrap I could get my hands on. Which is JUST BARELY enough to make the doublet.

I got as far as patterning it last summer, and it went back into the UFO basket. I’m between projects now, so last night, after getting home from a VERY busy and wonderful event weekend, I put my feet up with a cocktail and Netflix and started embroidering.

2015-03-09 08.57.41 2015-03-09 08.57.55 People always ask how long stuff like this takes, so I’m going to keep track and do periodic writeups, and one at the end. My off-the-cuff guess: if I worked steadily (3-4 hours per night, 4-5 nights a week, and on road trips) it would take 3-4 months – call it 300 hours. I won’t work anywhere near steadily on it; like the Blackwork Shirt of Doom, which took two years, it’ll be my fun, no-stress, no-deadline project for between other things. A year and a half to two years seems likely.

Actually, I’m starting three projects this week – this, a pair of Tatar boots for myself, and Juan’s brigandine mark II. There’s a bit of a rush on the brig, we want it in service early in the spring fighter practice season, but it doesn’t have a specific target date. The boots will also be a low-pressure project; done by Battlemoor would be nice but I’m not heartset on it.

So I’ll bounce around between these three and a couple of others (camp furniture, a little basic garb – more Norse tunics and pants for Juan, more Tatar salwar and undertunics for me – a back scroll assignment, some largesse) until something with a deadline pops up. I’m also working on some non-SCA art projects. Having no deadlined projects at the moment is LOVELY and I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!

2.5 hours in


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