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Catching up: SCA edition

Following on this post: I actually started writing February’s post on February 3rd, but got derailed and never got back to it. So here, I’m both reflecting on February and looking forward to March.

Big projects (that won’t be finished this year but will be worked on this year)

I finished and delivered a back scroll using the February theme, which I’m delighted about.

Had a great conversation about a possible future event proposal and ongoing project that has got me inspired to start up work on Motino again.

The Great Baltic Mapping Project is a bit stalled. Maybe set aside an evening next week to figure out the next step with it.

I’m really, really ready to start on the Stibbert. I don’t want to get sucked into a big SCA project when I’m really trying to focus on non-SCA art, but maybe once the weaving is done on the new mixed-media piece but before starting the surface embellishment, take a couple of evenings to get the ball rolling, and then relegate it to a car project. There will certainly be enough traveling in March and April.

The event calendar has firmed up A LOT in the last month and a half, so there are some pretty significant adjustments to my own event planning below.

February: Taking stock

Corazon was cancelled because of a blizzard, which makes the entire month of February feel – not wasted, something beyond that: like somehow it never even happened.

KAOS is due Sunday; I have two evenings of work left, and ran short on one supply and can’t get to the craft store till tomorrow. Get as far as I can tonight, finish tomorrow evening, get it in the mail on Thursday. And that’s an end to February.


The Next Thing is Dragonsspine Candlemas/Queen’s Prize. I’ve resold the Corazon lunch to Queen’s Prize, so there’s that, but there’s very little prep to do – most of it is already sitting in my freezer. Mainly, it’s getting together my chukies and gifts and things. I picked up some post-Valentines candy, and need to go through my stash of sparklies and bits, maybe make some more.

Need to check work schedules, because I’d like to go to Crown Tournament – it’s at the magnificent, early-18th-century colonial Rancho de los Golondrinas facility, one of my favorite SCA event sites ever – but two weekends in a row is really difficult.

Also up in March: Dance Collegium in Caerthe.

Each of these three events, individually, is pretty low-prep, fun, and unstressful; but three of them in a month makes for a scheduling challenge. Probably one of the two latter ones will get dropped. Pin this down before the week is out.


April has ArtSci Collegium and Heralds and Scribes. I definitely don’t plan to put in a teaching bid at H&S, just to go and have fun and learn. I need to make a decision about ArtSci, like, yesterday. Caelainn has been moving forward with the project we kicked around in December; I haven’t had the time or energy to do anything more than read the material she sent me and not approvingly. Need to follow up and see if we’re actually ready for this thing to go live in April, or if it should wait for a summer event.

April is when fighter practice and archery practice can start in earnest. Juan and I have discussed revisions to his armor, and are going to start on those pretty much immediately – probably over the next couple of days – and I’d like to get started on mine too.


May is First Camping. In January, I wanted to pick ONE major project and work on it, and it looks like it might be a Viking bed, so maybe lumber shopping on Saturday.

June and July

The North doesn’t have anything on the calendar for July 4th weekend, and I’m not super excited about Keepers of Dry Stone. And I’m not sure we can swing Lilies, in terms of either time off or money. Al-Barran is doing Nock on Wood in late June, and a low-key archery event sounds fun, so we’ll probably do that. I’m just not sure what’s going on here. There will be more events announced in the next four to six weeks, so for now, make some beer and decide on the season’s sewing priorities, and wait and see.


Brewing and sewing – those are the things that have to be put into motion far in advance for Battlemoor to go smoothly. I know I want to do more Indian and more Central Asian, and Juan wants more Viking, and particularly a Viking coat. Start on that stuff before the end of the month, so there’s some breathing room to maybe make one party outfit for each of us once the party themes are announced.

I plan to participate in the Battlemoor scroll challenge, so maybe start sketching out the first three or four scrolls in the next few weeks, and then work on the calligraphy for all of them at once.

September & October

Corazon may be rescheduled for somewhere in here, a decision that will probably be made at populace meeting on Friday, and I also want to make a Florida trip. Sit tight and keep options open.

November & December

I have made a pretty big dent in organizing my craft supplies, and need to continue on with that. Pin ideas for 12th Night gifts, think about putting some stuff up. I have an overabundance of sugar – it might be fun to start some spiced sugars.


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