2014 Project Log

This has been a page; I’ve moved the content into a post, and created a new 2015 page. I really enjoyed keeping this list, and in my neverending quest to document better, I’m going to keep it going.

I am inspired by the A&S 50 campaign, but uninterested in setting production goals – I’m more focused in exploring process and focusing on my quality of workmanship. And on going through my periodic project and idea lists and making sure that projects move up the list from “eventually” to “completed” in something like an orderly fashion. So, for 2014, I’ll be tracking finished projects. I’m curious to see what the year has in store. (Updated – things got a little crazy for a couple of months there, so dates are approximate.)

1. Pair of heraldic banners: for myself and Juan Osorio de Segovia.  (Jan 2)

2. Viking tunic for HRM Alrik IV, as part of a group project coordinated by my Laurel for his Estrella War Court garb.  ( Feb 16)

3. KAOS III: a heraldic wooden box containing a section of tablet woven trim in heraldic colors, and a pair of veil pins.  (Mar 8)

4. Corazon del Leon III feast (very late 16th c. colonial New Spain).  (Mar 15)

5. Curonian apron of linen with a decorative band of handwoven, bronze-embellished wool. (Apr 8)

6. Survey of platillos, cooked and presented at Kingdom A&S (late 16th c. Spain). (Apr 12)

7. Laurel vigil buffet for Duke Garick von Köpke (mid 14th c. German). (May 9)

8. Heavily blackworked men’s shirt, begun in 2010, occasional (roadtrip/at events) project for most of that time. (May 10)

9. Argent Heart scroll for Nicolaao Machado. (May 10)

10. Brown and gold silk damask doublet. (May 24)

11. Seam finishing and pearling on Sposa Dantiscana dress. Dress was left off at “done enough to wear” for Caerthan 12th Night but could not be washed until seams were finished. (June 3)

12. Late 15th/early 16th c. brigandine armor, collaborative project with Juan Osorio de Segovia. Started in 2012 but work was interrupted several times by major illness. Finished (and fought in!)  (June 8)

13. Mid-16th c. linen Qipchaq entari with applique’d hem. ( Jun 19)

14. Tooled leather vambrace using the same motif as entari, above. (July)

15. Viking men’s tunic with yoke embroidery based on the bear-head post from the Oseberg ship burial. (July)

16. AoA scroll for Adelaisa Bernois (August 16)

17. 16th c. great boots, rev. 2. (August)

18. Various small jewelry pieces (August)

19. Staff and Teachers’ Dinners for Academy of Grace and Valor II, Italian first night, German second. (Sep. 12 & 13)

20. White and red silk tablet woven band based on Siksala find. Later applied to white linen skirt. (September)

21. Two new white linen underdresses: Kangasvuo A and Birka. (September)

22. Complete Letgali grave goods set: spiral crown (improved, using some components from earlier attempt and some new fabricated components); wrap-and-hook torc; cowrie-and-glass necklace; purchased extant spiral bracelet; fabricated matching spiral bracelet; extant ring; fabricated matching ring; waterfall chain with boat pendant (collaborative project with Juan); pair of ring-head pins. (October)

23. Men’s late 16th c. doubled and paned slops set. (October)

24. Pair of long camp benches with wood-burned heraldic motifs. (November 3)

25. Laurel vigil buffet for my own vigil (various, past feasts and other cooking projects). (November 7)

26. Research & adaptation of period Lithuanian fealty oaths and royal directive correspondence for SCA Laurel ceremony. (November 8)

27. Present anticuchos de corazon recipe at the December meeting of the Caerthan Cooks’ Guild (themed Blood, Guts, and Other Offal Things). (November 22)

28. Flower scroll for THL Ailinn Shadowfox (mostly worked before the new year, finished 1/1/15, presented 1/3)



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2 responses to “2014 Project Log

  1. This is an incredibly productive year for you. Do you have photos of each piece? I would love to see the enteri and vambrace!

  2. It was a very productive year! I do have some pictures, but not of everything, and some of the pictures are “in the wild” and not great.

    The vambrace and entari sort-of-match, actually, they both have a motif from the same piece of pottery. I’ll photograph them together, they’ll make a nice header image!

    I was a little mortified to look back on this list and see only two scroll assignments – I know I didn’t do as much scribal as I wanted last year, but that’s appalling. I did remember a third from last summer this morning, and updated that. And I have two that I’m working on right now for the event next weekend, so 2015 is already shaping up to be a better scribal year.

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