2015 Project log

I did this last year, and really enjoyed keeping track, having a sense of what I’d accomplished. Like a reading log, this isn’t intended to be goal-oriented – I’m not going to try to complete more projects this year than last, for example – but it is helpful to me, from time to time, to look at a brainstorm list or project list from some time back and compare it to what I’ve actually done. Are there things I really want to do that are falling between the cracks? How much time, actually, does it take to finish a thing? This year, I’m going to try to include approximate time logs, which I think will be useful information down the road.

See you on the other side!

1. Woman’s Norse caftan for HRM Ingriðr Rauðkinn. (1/6; apx 45 hours)

2. Series of painted tromp l’oiel banners (2/9; apx 14 hours)

3. Back scroll for Corazon del Leon III overall Champion (2/17; apx 7 hours)

4. Elizabethan heraldic embroidered pouch (KAOS) (3/1; apx 40 hours)

5. Men’s Norse caftan for HRM Hrothgar Monomakh (finished 2/11, delivered 3/8; apx 30 hours)

6. Buffet luncheon, from de Nola (3/8; apx 4 hours research, 10 hours prep, 3 hours onsite)


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