War footing I: upping the garb game (Baltic Tribal edition)

Battlemoor V is three months away, but I don’t want to make myself crazy (and I am working in parallel on the staff-and-dignitaries dinners at Academy of Grace And Valor II, two weeks later; that will have its own post soon) so project management is the order of the day.

I’m really going to try to consolidate and improve my millieu-specific “look” over this summer. Most of the work I’ve done in the last couple of years has been geared toward Kursi/Latgali/Žemaitiai, so that’s where I’m going to start: one day’s worth of each, plus the Lipkowie archery kit.

Strikethrough: have, finished, ready to wear. Bold: not yet started or sourced. Italic: in some stage of progress. Updated as I go. There’s some overlap here with the Project Asteroids list.


  • Birka underdress; nutmeg linen skirt; red linen shawl; spiral head pin
  • Spiral crown; blue linen scarf
  • Two cowrie necklaces; spiral-and-glass necklace
  • Spiral armbands; belt knife.

Early period Latgali:

  • Kangasvuo A underdress; blue one-shouldered chiton; penannular brooch
  • Spiral crown; long white linen veil
  • Multiple wrap-and-a-half torcs
  • Flat cuff bracelets


  • Kangasvuo A underdress; pumpkin linen skirt metal-embelleshed apron
  • pendanted cap
  • wrap-and-a-half torc, wrap-and-closure torc
  • Short waterfall chains on spiral-head pins
  • Spiral armbands


  • Gomlek (use lightweight linen Eura dress); salwar; entari; silver chase-and-repousse’ brooches
  • Tarpus and yaşmak (same as Latgali veil); temple rings
  • yaka chylbyry (pendanted choker); khesite (chest jewelry)
  • Back quiver
  • vambraces

As you can see I have at least as much jewelrymaking to do as I have sewing! (Updated – a bunch of sewing stuff finished over the weekend, the last fabric bought, and the only remaining “not yet started” stuff is all jewelry that requires heavy-weight bronze wire, which is on the shopping list for next payday.)

Updated 7/6: Jewelry supply shopping done! All garments cut, several sewn! Progress!


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