Project Asteroids*

After a lovely, very full, very social half a weekend (dinner, stay-over, breakfast with my apprentice sister and her fiance, Kingdom business meeting, afterparty), I spent a good chunk of my leisurely, solitary Sunday going through piles and laundry baskets of what I think of as “fabric bomb debris” – a chaotic, accumulated mass of yardage (earmarked for certain projects and not), scraps, half-finished projects, mending, old things discarded in hopes of salvaging the fabric, and just junk. Separated much of it out into linen-silk-other, yardage and scraps, and got that all put away; took two bags to the dumpster; that leaves me with one laundry basket full of projects-in-various-stages.

I’ve decided I’m not going to start any more projects until I clear at least a couple of these out, and in the future, I’m going to clear one out for every new project I start. To wit:

– a handful of non-SCA clothes mending – not more than an evening or two’s worth of work for the lot of it

– a couple of Bluebird 20-lb flour sacks to be opened up and hemmed for dish towels

– a yard of black flannel to be used as backing to frame some of Juan’s (amazing!) collection of English pub coasters

And SCA projects:

– a couple of pair of Tatar trousers needing hemmed.

three one pair of Spanish trunkhose needing taken in, and two half-finished pair

– one panel of a chiton to be converted to an apron, and a wool skirt that shrunk to be converted to another one.

a lightweight linen Tatar coat, which was “done enough to wear” last Battlemoor but still needs some seams finished.

– a little bit of work left on the Elizabethan corset I started to wear under the Sposa Dantiscana, before I realized that the Victorian corset gave a better profile and abandoned it.

– a choli that needs its ties taken off, properly finished, and put back on. And maybe some embroidery. Definitely embroidery.

– a plaid flannel half-circle cloak, cut out and ready to assemble.

– a couple of panels of vaguely Turkish-looking print to be hemmed for camp tablecloths.

caramel-and-chocolate damask for a doublet, very simply cut (maybe something like this) to show off the excellent fabric.

– ivory silk and (very good) faux suede for a Stibbert doublet.

and the Shirt of Doom.

Lots of busywork! Not as glamorous as researching, shopping for, and starting a new high-concept project (at least, until I get down to those last three!), but all stuff that deserves to get done.

I’ll come back to this post periodically and mark things off as I finish them. I’m sure I’ll also add a few more as I continue to organize and sort.

(*That’s “shooting down UFOs,” for those of you who are not children of the ’80s!)


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