Plunging in

January has flown by. I’m completely behind on absolutely everything, but I’ve made some good progress on digging myself out of the hole.

Deadlines cluster. This is how it happens in my life: I have long spans of fallow time, and then EVERYTHING AT ONCE. The next three months are like that.

Feb. 2: Work kitchen crew for my amazing friend Bronwen of Hindscroft, who is head cook for the Barony of Dragonsspine’s midwinter event.

Feb. 25: Estrella War: not going, but have promised garb to people who are.

March 1: KAOS (the Outlands artisans’ swap). I want to have my gift finished in time to be sent and delivered at Estrella, actually.

March 15: Corazon. All the Corazon things. So many Corazon things.

April 12: Kingdom A&S. A TBD cooking entry based on the feast research; a textile entry; a research paper connected to the textile entry. Maybe a second research paper based on the feast. Probably not.

April 26: Shire of Windkeep’s Something Yummier IV. I’m teaching… something?

Also, all of these – except Something Yummier – have secret components! So I can’t talk about them except in the vaguest of terms!

This week I plan to:

– Finish the first stage of my Kingdom A&S textile entry (tonight; I have maybe two hours of work left on it), freeing up tools needed for the next stage in the KAOS gift, and get my teeth into that project.

– Make significant progress on the Estrella projects.

– Finalize and publicize the Corazon menu, begin working on shopping lists.

– Finish a gift for someone I’ll see at the Dragonsspine event.

– Try to find some time to do some writing.

I have been letting the intensive reading and learning I did over December and early January sink in and process.  It’s been a rollercoaster, a treasure hunt, a maze full of dead ends and tantalizing corridors. The 1580-1620 period in the colonies is incredibly complicated, especially in the area of food culture and food economies.  The importance and context of these events are grounded in what came before and illuminated by what came after, so my period of study spans the 14th to 18th centuries.  I’m trying to make sense of it all and tease out the connecting threads that will make my research all come together, but I’m not there yet.


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