Corazon del Leon: ten weeks and counting

So much has happened since our last visit!

The event is ten weeks away (with Kingdom A&S, and one or possibly two projects based on this feast, a month later) and I am in the thick of it. I got an enormous amount done during my vacation:

– finished translating all of the recipes I want to test and consolidated them on individual documents by course
– built a closed Facebook group for the kitchen crew, so that we can have some advance coordination and discussion
– first-round tested the first three recipes
– hit, it seemed, half of the ethnic groceries in Denver, and found a bunch of critical ingredients for pleasantly surprising prices
– recruited a hall coordination staff in the persons of my wonderful apprentice sister and her fiance
– made the first round of “upcoming event” court announcements

Up this week:

– testing the remaining second course dishes and some first and fourth course dishes, and work up a schedule for the rest
– the remaining electronic correspondence (finishing the online flyer and getting it linked to the kingdom calendar, setting up the Facebook event page, etc)
– finish Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures
– make and put up one of the “kitchen staff only” dishes
– Wrap up Corazon-related sewing projects so I can focus, from here on out, on the feast pretty much exclusively.


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