Sposa Dantiscana

I’ve been wanting to expand my garb outside Iron Age tribal, while staying in persona, for a while. The two projects I’m most excited about, but have found most daunting, are 16th century Commonwealth and 14th-15th century Lipkowie Tatar (which will be my fighting garb when (if? when?) I eventually get my heavy kit together.

I’ve been poking about the research on both in fits and bursts for a couple of years, but I’ve been having a hard time finding anything with a distinctive “look” – something that’s obviously not Western European or German. Recently, I came across this crazy awesome 1590 woodcut of a Polish matron, and I knew that it was THE DRESS. I happened to be in Denver the following weekend, and they happened to have apple-green silk on sale for $8/yard, and it happened to mate well with a bronze-and-green damask I already had, and I was off and running.

I have a Big Sewing Weekend planned for the weekend coming up: personal banners, some garb promised for a friend, but mainly THIS DRESS. Process photos to come!


image source: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
MFA for Educators online educational collection
Sposa Dantiscana,” plate from Gli Habiti Antichi et Moderni di Diversi Parti del Mondo


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