Gratification, instant and otherwise

I’ve been working on a lot of projects lately that will have hundreds of hours invested in them by the time they’re done. The Motiño translation/feast/KA&S research and presentation.  A heavily blackworked 16th century shirt. Weaving. Spinning. The Great Baltic Mapping Project. The costume directory.

I love the process involved in these crazy, massive-scale projects, but I also get frustrated and discouraged sometimes with them on a more abstract level. Mostly it’s when I’m talking to other people about my work – when our A&S officer is collecting anecdata for the monthly report and it’s, “yep, still working on that same thing… again…” Or when I realize, while sitting companionably with a friend sewing at an event  in the fall, that I was sitting with the same friend, working on the same project, at the same event the previous year – that happened this weekend! Or when I see something really cool come across the works-in-progress Facebook group my Laurel administers, and once again, I have nothing to contribute.

Last week I started a new spinning project – the first step in a bigger endeavor, of course – and in the course of a 110-minute movie, I spun up 70 yards of size 2/3 silk embroidery thread. It was so satisfying to just see something come together, to hold a finished skein in my hand at the end of the evening.  I think I need a little more instant gratification in my life! Convenient, then, that it’s coming into the holiday and feast season. So! Banners. Cosmetics. Spice blends. Small gifts of block-printed stationery. I suddenly have so many ideas!


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