Half the work.

I’ve really slacked off on updating this blog in the last eight months or so – there’s been a lot of unbelievably intense personal stuff going on, and although I’ve continued to be active in the SCA (oh, so very active!) I haven’t been documenting.

Going through some of my old Livejournal posts trying to recall a particular sentiment that was just out of reach, I finally found it, right after Battlemoor II:

Madhavi wrote… but there has to come a point where documenting your work takes up more time than the work itself, you know?

I replied… I’m trying to think of it as part of the work – that the output of the project is not just the physical object itself, but also the collection of sources, processes and developments, etc. So that the next person who comes along doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I’m so bad at that kind of thing, the prep-work and background work, but I’m trying to forcibly train myself to be more cheerful and meticulous about it – as Elizabeth Wayland Barber points out, nobody wants to warp because it’s just fussy boring prep-work, but we tend to forget that warping isn’t getting ready to weave, it’s half the cloth. Documentation is half the work.

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to get up a series of posts on the Great Catalonian Cooking Adventure, which has eaten a large part of the last six months, and particular on Corazon del Leon I. At the same time, I’m going to be starting some new projects. And there’s a very active summer season coming up, and some leisure and breathing space to enjoy it.


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